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Preclinical in vivo imaging using IVIS provides real time analysis.

Preclinical In Vivo Imaging

Using preclinical in vivo imaging along with Champions' cutting-edge oncology research platforms, researchers can evaluate disease progression and metastasis formation in real time.

  • A growing portfolio of luciferase-tagged tumor models optimized for use in the preclinical in vivo imaging platform
  • Leverage non-invasive bioluminescence imaging to measure tumor burden in real-time, including systemic disease models
  • Enables the visualization of metastasis and micro-metastasis, to assess the impact of therapeutic agents on metastatic processes

Ex Vivo High Content Imaging

Champions offers ex vivo high-content imaging to evaluate the efficacy of your therapeutic agent in our ex vivo plate-based 3D assays.

  • Obtain brighter and sharper images for accurate and reproducible data

  • Confocal imaging with deep tissue penetration, ideal to better quantitate cell death and immune cell infiltration in 3D assays
  • Flexible and fast imaging analysis to support your preclinical oncology research
Tumor and TIL co-culture analysis using ex vivo imaging.