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Early Drug Discovery Services 


Rapid Identification of Therapeutic Targets 

Champions' Early Drug Discovery services provide a rapid and cost-effective solution to propel your discovery projects forward with reliable data and confidence. To advance your early drug discovery research, Champions provides two proprietary integrated workflows:

  • ChemiSelect: Our proprietary small molecule assay platform, developed to identify and prioritize chemotypes effectively. 
  • ADC-Flow: Our proprietary platform to screen and engineer the most effective Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) tailored precisely to your target requirements.

ChemiSelect: Prioritize Chemotypes for Difficult-to-Assay Targets

Champion’s ChemiSelect offers an integrated workflow engineered for the functional characterization of chemotypes within physiologically relevant intracellular environments. This facilitates the selection of the most potent cytotoxic compounds for your therapeutic targets, utilizing clinically relevant cell lines.

  • Cell-Based Platform: Prioritize chemotype selection and conduct SAR for challenging targets within an intracellular setting, ensuring authentic target binding despite complexities such as cellular proteins and unknown cofactors, thus ensuring confidence in selectivity, affinity, and binding.
  • Economical: Offers cost-effective solutions with fast turnaround times, saving valuable resources.
  • Mitigate Liabilities:  The screen addresses ADMET concerns, including issues with permeability, stability, and solubility, commonly linked to targets in the later stages of drug development.

ChemiSelect Integrated Workflow 

ChemiSelect Workflow


Figure A: The ChemiSelect Integrated Workflow outlines the successive stages of the screening process. Employing our advanced DRUG-seq analysis platform, we systematically assess the therapeutic target. This entails building genetic perturbations of the target, followed by compound screening in cell lines, and conducting bioinformatics analysis to pinpoint the most potent and effective cytotoxic compounds.


ADC-Flow: Develop & Validate Early Translational Strategies for ADC Therapeutics

Champions' ADC-Flow is designed to develop the most potent ADCs and evaluate the efficacy of antibodies and payload cytotoxicity, including potential off-target binding, during the early discovery phase, and minimizing clinical setbacks in later stages of drug development.

  • Formulate Translational Hypotheses through IHC: Uncover patient cohort hypotheses and establish early translational strategies for your oncology ADC program.
  • Screen & Select: Efficiently screen large antibody libraries through a rapid and cost-effective assay, selecting mAb hits with internalization and cancer cell-killing capabilities.
  • Validate Hypotheses via Ex Vivo Clinical Trial Simulations: Evaluate your ADCs within a clinically relevant patient cohort to gauge potential objective responses, considering expression threshold and payload sensitivity.

ADC-Flow Integrated Workflow 

ADC-flow image 2


Figure B: The ADC-Flow integrated workflow delineates the sequential stages of the screening process. Leveraging our cutting-edge antibody analysis, we methodically assess mAbs using a secondary ADC assay in cell lines. This process facilitates the identification of the most efficacious mAb candidates for ADC conjugation. Subsequently, payload evaluation in TumorGraft3D models is conducted, resulting in results to design the most potent and effective ADC candidates.

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