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DNA Damage Assays

luminescence burst in dna damage of a model.

Evaluate DNA Damage using Industry Leading Methods

Champions offers three different methods for studying DNA damage and repair in tumor cells, each with different applications and advantages.

  • Comet assay to detect DNA single/double strand breaks in single cells
  • γH2AX IHC staining to detect and localize DNA breaks
  • γH2AX detection by Western Blot to measure DNA breaks

Choose the Best Assay for your Preclinical Study


The Comet assay is ideal for measuring double and single-stranded DNA breaks with high sensitivity in Champions' hematological models, solid tumor ex vivo, and cell lines.  This assay will allow you to study DNA damage and repair in single cells and measure the activity of agents targeting those processes.

We use γH2AX detection by IHC or western blot to identify DNA breaks in our cell lines, primary hematological models, and PDX models. They can be used to monitor DNA damage/repair and measure genomic instability and telomere dysfunction following treatment with agent affecting the DNA damage/response processes.

Comet assay results in H929 cell line in response to Cisplatin treatment.