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TumorGraft3D Platform


A Biologically-Relevant 3D Platform

Champions offers platforms for ex vivo drug testing in multiclonal 3D organ-like tumor cultures derived from our superior well-characterized patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models.

  • A unique assay with no matrix added and indication-specific proprietary media to allow for TumorGraft3D formation and maintenance 
  • A growing bank of off-the-shelf models across multiple tumor indications that can be used to study the mechanism of action of various therapeutic modalities
  • Available matched TumorGraft3D and TumorGraft® models to enable a smooth transition from ex vivo into in vivo testing

A Versatile Platform to
De-Risk In Vivo Studies & Understand Cancer Cell Biology


Champions' TumorGraft3D models are derived from our deeply characterized and clinically annotated PDX models. This platform achieves the same turnaround time and throughput of cell line screens, with the added value of leveraging clinically relevant patient-derived models, representative of the heterogeneity of the patient population. All TumorGraft3D models have been tested for their ability to proliferate and compatibility with different assay formats.

Available for large-scale screens or standalone studies, this platform is suitable for a wide range of purposes including rank order of the effect of different test agents across multiple models, investigating tumor cell biology and interaction with the tumor microenvironment, and assessing synergy of therapeutic agents in experimental combinations. Suitable for co-culture with different immune cell types, including Champions' exclusive autologous systems.  

Using sophisticated multi-omics bioinformatic analyses and advanced high-content analysis systems, our scientific team can help you deeply interrogate TumorGraft3D models.




TumorGraft3D Platform Endpoints

Western Blot


Download the TumorGraft3D Platform sheet to learn more about Champions' 3D ex vivo platform, assay features and applications, model characterization, and available endpoints.


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