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Head & Neck TumorGraft3D Screen

Enrollment Only Open Until August 16th, 2024

Industry's exclusive bank of Head & Neck 3D tumor models established from PDX models for assessing the anti-tumor activity and efficacy of novel drug therapies. 

 Thoroughly Characterized Models
Clinical & Biological Authenticity
 Cost-Effective Screening Platform

Ideal Translational Investigation: Ex Vivo TumorGraft3D Models

Enroll by August 16th to assess novel head & neck cancer therapeutics' efficacy and anti-tumor properties on a bank of 15 meticulously characterized 3D organ-like tumor models derived from low-passage PDX models. These TumorGraft3D models faithfully replicate an organ-like tumor microenvironment, heterogeneity, and patient diversity, employing a distinct matrix-free assay with indication-specific media that offers advanced biological relevance. The Head & Neck Ex Vivo TumorGraft3D screening process facilitates the assessment of therapies against a series of tumors, aiding in the identification of the most promising candidates for downstream in vivo studies.

Champions' Head & Neck TumorGraft3D Screen offers:

  • Comprehensive model characterization (stored in Lumin) with:
            ☑️Robust clinical data annotations
            ☑️NGS (RNAseq and WES) analysis
            ☑️Proliferation data
  • Versatile Assay Capabilities: Our assay enables the ranking of different test agents' effects across a series of models, exploration of tumor cell biology and interactions with the tumor microenvironment, and evaluation of therapeutic agent synergy in experimental combinations.
  • Expanded Analysis Opportunities: DRUG-seq, FLOW-HT, and Luminex endpoint analyses are available for additional evaluation, offering deeper understanding at an extra cost.
  • Tailored Bioinformatics Solutions: We offer custom bioinformatics analyses and NGS data licensing upon request, ensuring personalized insights to meet your specific research needs.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Our services are designed to save costs compared to standalone studies, offering a budget-friendly yet comprehensive approach to your research objectives.
  • 50% off of a Standard of Care agent arm (selected by Champions) and no minimum number of models to enroll, and you can select the models you want to screen.

Head & Neck TumorGraft3D Screen Endpoint Analysis Options

(*Available upon request and at an additional cost)
 Head & Neck TumorGraft3D Ex Vivo Screen Drug Response 
Head and Neck TumorGraft 3D Drug Response June 2024

Figure 1:   SOC drug response analysis conducted on two models CTG3D-0798 and CTG3D-0953 included in the screen

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