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Colorectal Cancer In Vivo Screen

Enrolling until December 29th, 2023

Enroll now in Champions' new Colorectal Cancer (CRC) In Vivo Screen containing 30 unique CRC models that are well characterized with patient responses, clinical annotation, and include NGS (WES and RNA-seq) data, available in Lumin.

This unique set of CRC models represent different treatments and genetic profiles and includes models with KRAS and BRAF mutations, and with ERBB2 amplification.

CRC Model Clinical and Molecular Characteristics
DLBCL model characterization data.
Response to Standards of Care
CRC In Vivo Data Figure
BRAF - KRAS - ERBB2 Oncoprint
CRC In Vivo Screen Oncoprint

CRC In Vivo Screen highlights:

  • 30 unique CRC PDX models 
  • Increased cost saving compared to standalone studies
  • 50% off of a Standard of Care agent arm (selected by Champions)
  • No minimum number of models to enroll and you have the ability to select the models you want to screen
  • Flow Cytometry and IHC are available upon request.
  • Terminal tumor collections (Snap Frozen/FFPE) for target validation available upon request.
  • Full model characterization (clinical data and NGS) is available for data analysis and visualization using Lumin
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