Screen Enrollment

Champions Oncology has created screens that enroll each month in either In vivo, Ex Vivo or In vitro platforms. These screens allow for a significant cost savings compared to running stand-alone studies as well as provide free access to Standard of Care response data and other characterization data for each model. Check back frequently to learn more about each screen and to enroll in any active screens.

Currently Enrolling

Systemic AML In Vivo Screen

Large Scale 10 Model SynScreen

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100 cell line panel vitroscreen

Previous Screens

Breast Cancer PDX Indication Screen

Cell Panel VitroScreen

Colorectal Cancer Solid Tumor In Vivo Screen

CRISPR-Cas9 In Vitro Screen

CT26 HuSyngeneic Screen

Ex Vivo Screen for Adult and Pediatric Sarcoma

Ex Vivo Screen for CRC and Prostate Cancer

Ex vivo tumor fragment Screen for DLBCL

Ex Vivo Tumor Fragment Screen for EGFR+ HER2+ Models

Ex Vivo Screen for Palbociclib and Fulvestrant Insensitive ER+ Breast Cancer

Hematological VitroScreen 9 for AML, B-ALL and CLL

High Content 3D Ex Vivo Screen HRD+ PDX Panel

PDX Indication Screen for Cholangiocarcinoma, Gastric, Head & Neck, and Melanoma Models

PDX Disease Indication Screen for CRC, Pancreatic and Sarcoma Models

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