CDX Models

Cell Line-Derived Xenograft (CDX) Studies

Champions Oncology has a growing bank of over 50 cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) mouse models.  The CDX model involves implanting in vitro cultured human cell lines into immunodeficient mice to determine efficacy of oncology therapeutic candidates. 

Models have in vivo growth kinetics, responses to standards of care, as well as profiling of immune cells by flow cytometry and genetic evaluation of the original tumor by Whole exome sequencing or RNA sequencing.  Champions Oncology’s CDX models can be run as subcutaneous, orthotopic or disseminated tumors in mice, in ex vivo/in vitro culture systems (with or without human immune cell co-culture) and can also be implanted in our humanized models in order to better understand the effects of therapeutic agents in a functional human immune system. 


Champions Oncology CDX Model Process