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CDX Models

A cell line-derived xenograph tumor being attached by mouse cells.

Validated Cell Line-Derived Xenograft Models

Cell line-Derived Xenograft (CDX) models are generated by implanting in vitro cultured human cell lines into immunodeficient mice to determine the efficacy of oncology therapeutic candidates. 

  • Over 100 CDX models

  • Subcutaneous, orthotopic, or disseminated tumor models including luciferase-tagged lines for in vivo imaging
  • Well characterized models with in vivo growth kinetics, NGS, proteomics, and phospho-proteomics data available in Lumin

Well Characterized CDX Models for In Vivo Screening


Champions' CDX models can be implanted as subcutaneous, orthotopic, or disseminated tumors in mice, and can also be implanted in our humanized models in order to better understand the effects of therapeutic agents in a functional human immune system. Compatible with a variety of endpoints, CDX models represent a fast tool to quickly assess efficacy and mechanism of action, prior to testing using more clinically relevant PDX models.

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Download the CDX Model Cohort Sheet to learn more about Champion's CDX platform and the available models.


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