Preclinical In Vivo Imaging

Non-Invasive Imaging for Systemic Tumor Models


Header image IVIS-1

Using preclinical in vivo imaging along with Champions' cutting-edge oncology research platforms, researchers are able to evaluate disease progression using systemic tumor models.  

Using bioluminescence imaging (BLI) through IVIS® offers the ability to non-invasively measure qualitatively and quantitatively the tumor burden within each animal in real-time throughout your in-life study.  


Champions has optimized several luciferase-tagged tumor models within the preclinical in vivo imaging platform that can be used to detect and monitor tumor growth in real-time, in order to evaluate therapeutic efficacy.  

Available Systemic Tumor Models: 
  • Raji-Luc
  • MOLT-4-Luc
  • K-562-Luc
  • HL-60 (Coming Soon)
  • MV4-11 (Coming Soon)
  • NALM6 (Coming Soon)
  • BW51473.3 (Coming Soon)

Available Metastatic Tumor Models: 

  • B16-F10 (Coming Soon)


Available Orthotopic Tumor Models:

  • MM1.R (Coming Soon)

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