Lumin Bioinformatics Software

Illuminating the Cellular Dynamics of Cancer

Lumin-Demo_laptopLumin Bioinformatics is a dynamic analytic and visualization software that empowers cancer biologists to harness the power of computational science in a convenient and sophisticated tool.  The power of Lumin is in the ability to explore and perform analysis on rich and unique datasets assembled from over 12,000 cancer patients, including thousands of clinical treatment responses not available in any public dataset.

Champions’ Lumin offers access to advanced analytics and AI, allowing you to incorporate your own analyses.


Lumin Bioinformatics Available Now as:

    • A yearly subscription for access to precomputed datasets and predefined analytics.
    • Pay per CPU - when running real-time analyses across the full database.
        • Access to incorporated workflows and AI.
        • Incorporate your own computational workflows.

Lumin Bioinformatics Software Features:

upload_data Upload your Own Data:

                      • Upload data for processing
                      • Upload pharmacology data to perform customized computational correlative and causal analyses


Explore the Lumin Data Center:

                      • 2 Billion Public and Proprietary Cancer Datapoints
                      • WES, RNAseq, Quantitative Proteomics, Phospho-Proteomics
                      • 4 Million Gene/Protein Interactions Mapped



Access Features:

                      • Interactive Gene Network
                          • All known and predicted gene networks mapped
                          • Explore specific types of interactions
                          • Evaluate protein expression and specific phospho-site status across a defined tumor cohort
                      • Biomarker Signature Discovery
                          • Explore correlative and casual relationships
                      • Tumor Clustering
                          • Leverage Champions' proprietary clustering tool to overlay an uploaded sequence with the TCGA or Champions' PDX models
                      • Dataset Discovery Analyses
                          • DGE, Fisters Exact, Pearsons
                          • Gene set Enrichment
                          • PDX Dependency Mapping

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