Drug Development

Champions Oncology transforms drug discovery through innovative pharmacology, biomarker and data platforms.

With the industry’s most highly characterized tumor bank of relevant clinical and molecular data, our models enable researchers to evaluate therapeutics alongside standards of care to facilitate therapeutic discovery with the goal of realizing predictive, efficacious results in patients.

Champions Oncology provides an end-to-end range of research and development solutions to deliver greater certainty in the fight against cancer. Our deep expertise includes screens using commercially-available and custom cell lines, to studies leveraging syngeneic or traditional patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, and modeling treatment response in the clinic. Champions Oncology is your partner in meeting today’s needs and innovating for tomorrow’s challenges.



Champions Oncology Core Services

  • Preclinical Testing Platforms

    Champions Oncology offers high-throughput drug screening, utilizing cell lines to evaluate tumor growth inhibition, investigating syngeneic models for the evaluation of immune-oncology agents, and ex vivo modeling with relevant endpoint analysis to more accurately and effectively gain predictive insight into clinical trial responses.

  • Translational Research

    Champions Oncology’s translational research solutions comprise testing early throughout late stage therapeutics in humanized, hematology or solid tumor models, and our highly characterized and clinically-relevant cohorts of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models to optimally predict success in drug development.

  • Clinical Trial Solutions

    Champions Oncology offers a broad range of GCP-compliant validated flow cytometry panels, as well as the ability to develop custom validated assays, to deliver the in-depth understanding of targeted cell populations necessary to optimally support critical decision-making in all phases of drug development.

Accelerating your drug development portfolio through superior innovative solutions.