Drug Development

Transforming drug discovery through innovative pharmacology, biomarker, and data platforms.

With the world's most highly characterized bank of relevant clinical, drug response, and molecular oncology data, our technology-enabled research platforms empower investigators to develop a comprehensive understanding of therapeutic dynamics as it relates to tumor cell biology and clinical outcomes. 

Champions Oncology has developed an end-to-end range of highly innovative research and development solutions to deliver greater certainty in the fight against cancer. 

Our deep expertise leverages advanced PDX pharmacology platforms, innovative biomarker solutions and sophisticated computational approaches to drive unique precision medicine strategies. 

Champions Oncology is your partner in meeting today's needs and innovating for tomorrow's challenges.  



Champions Oncology Technology-enabled Solutions

  • Establishing Preclinical Hypotheses

    Our preclinical platforms couple innovative in vivo and ex vivo pharmacology platforms with sophisticated analytical analyses to provide a comprehensive view of early stage therapeutic programs. These platforms provide the deep understanding needed to make the critical decisions on the path of a therapeutic program.

  • Enabling Translational Strategies

    Our preeminent translational research platform utilizes informatics and AI, superior PDX pharmacology tools, and sophisticated biomarker strategies to gain predictive insights into clinical trial responses and maximize the success of a clinical program.

  • Providing Clinical Insights

    Leveraging a GCLP-compliant laboratory, we excel in the development of custom validated assays to deliver the in-depth understanding of targeted cell populations necessary to optimally support critical decision-making in all phases of drug development.

Accelerating your drug development portfolio through superior innovative solutions.