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Co-Culture Assays

Co-culture assays can be completed with Tumors alongside NK Cells, PBMCs, or TILs.

Preclinical Screening of Immunotherapy Agents 

Champions offers a versatile co-culture platform to support your preclinical immuno-oncology (IO) studies. This platform allows testing of NK and T cell engagers, ADCC agents, BiTEs, immune checkpoint inhibitors, small molecule agents, gene therapy, cell therapy, and combinatorial therapy.

  • Supports cross talk between multiple cell types and can mimic specific mechanisms shown in the tumor microenvironment
  • Available for autologous AML models, TumorGraft3D models, and cell line-derived spheroids
  • Platform optimized for PBMCs, TILs, and NK cells
  • Proprietary autologous platform with exclusive access to matched PBMCs and TILs

A Versatile Platform for Ex Vivo Immuno-Oncology Studies

Champions' ex vivo co-culture platform can interrogate the responses of IO drugs with a tumor-specific microenvironment using our well-characterized TumorGraft3D models, AML models, or cell line-derived spheroids. 

Our proprietary autologous co-culture systems allow the investigations of the efficacy of therapeutic agents and the interaction of the tumor with the immune system derived from the same patient, therefore limiting the variability of using allogeneic donors.  

Using sophisticated confocal microscopy imaging and flow cytometry immunophenotyping of the cellular components this platform can be used to evaluate test agent modulation of immune cells, assess the mechanism of action, measure infiltration of immune cells as well as evaluate combination therapies for immuno-oncology indications.   

Confocal imaging results from a Immuno-Oncology co-culture assay.

Co-Culture Assay Endpoints

Western Blot
The Autologous TIL platform is an ex vivo 3D co-culture platform developed and optimized to interrogate the responses of your immuno-oncology (IO) drugs with a tumor-specific microenvironment in only 4 days using TumorGraft3D models collected with matched, autologous TIL samples. Download our fact sheet to learn more about the Autologous TIL Platform.

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