Champions Oncology provides end-to-end innovative solutions, from preclinical throughout clinical drug development to our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors as well as academic institutions. At the core of our services is the Champions TumorGraft® platform, a highly characterized, comprehensive and unique set of PDX tumor models, which preserve the biological characteristics of human tumors and are highly predictive of clinical outcomes.

Champions Oncology also has the ability to model disease phenotypes through novel Ex Vivo Platforms. Clinical Flow Cytometry and GCLP-Compliant Analytical Platforms allow clients to test innovative therapeutics preclinically and then move directly into the clinic with the same confidence, integrity and scientific excellence, that Champions Oncology provides.

As our services and capabilities span the full scope of the drug development process, Champions Oncology is your partner throughout the lifecycle of your therapeutic. Each model, assay and panel can be customized for your drug – giving you custom services that meet your needs.