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Complex Effector Cytolytic Panel

A Champions Clinical Flow Cytometry Panel Sheet

In Champions’ validated Complex Effector Cytolytic Panel, multiple cell type populations can be interrogated using cryopreserved PBMCs.

This panel includes 9 colors and contains markers to target Cytotoxic T Cells, Helper T Cells, Natural Killer (NK) Cells, and Natural Killer T (NKT) Cells, and evaluate their activation state based on expression and regulated secretion of potent toxins including the pore-forming protein, Perforin, and serine protease granzymes (Granzyme A and Granzyme B).

This panel also includes a live/dead staining component standard, which allows for clean separation of the subsets without risking dead cell contamination. 

This panel has been validated in Sepmate isolated from K2 EDTA tubes on the Cytek Northern Lights instrument for off-the-shelf use in clinical trial studies.

Download the Panel Sheet