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TumorGraft3D 100 Model Screen

Screen enrollment closes on May 17, 2024. Enroll Now

The Largest 3D Tumor Model Screen Available on the Market

Champions' TumorGraft3D 100 Model Screen offers highly unique models across 10 tumor types. This list of models has been curated by oncology experts with particular attention to highly relevant molecular and clinical characteristics, providing a platform for high-throughput assessment of your agents to de-risk your in vivo studies. 

TumorGraft3D workflow

The TumorGraft3D Platform

Champions' TumorGraft3D models are 3D, low passage, ex-vivo models derived from our deeply characterized and clinically annotated proprietary PDX models, representative of the heterogeneity of the patient population.

The TumorGraft3D platform leverages a matrix-free, indication-specific proprietary media to allow for TumorGraft3D formation and retention of patients’ key molecular and phenotypical features.

TumorGraft3D’s versatility and clinical relevance, along with their molecular characterization, make them the ideal ex vivo models to:

  • measure agent efficacy and on-target effect,
  • unravel the complexities of tumor biology and the crucial interactions within the tumor microenvironment,
  • evaluate synergistic combination therapies to advance your drug development through data-driven decisions.

Screen Features

  • Enrollment Open until May 17th, 2024
  • Largest 3D tumor model screen available on the market - 100 TumorGraft3D models across 10 tumor types curated into relevant cohorts
  • 50% OFF of a standard of care arm (selected by Champions)
  • Available endpoints:
    • CellTiter-Glo® readouts to evaluate cell viability and proliferation with optional high-content imaging analysis.
    • DRUG-seq, is a fully plate-based RNA-seq analysis that uses limited starting material and provides a dynamic view that captures the immediate and prolonged gene expression changes following drug administration, enabling the study of mechanisms of action and biomarker discovery.

    • Custom bioinformatics analysis to accelerate decision-making with actionable datasets.

TumorGraft3D Model Characterization
CTG3D 100 Model Screen_Data Image_March24-1

TumorGraft3D Model Cohorts at a Glance

Questions about Champions' TumorGraft3D 100 Model Screen?

What type model data is available for TumorGraft3D models?
Models are well characterized with patient responses and clinical annotation. Proliferation data and response to SOC assessments are available.
How can Champions' TumorGraft3D Screen results be used?

Assays can be used to rank order different test agents effectiveness across multiple models, investigate tumor cell biology and interactions with the tumor microenvironment, and assess the synergy of therapeutic agents in experimental combinations.

Which cohort do I need to choose when enrolling in Champions' TumorGraft3D screen?

You can choose to enroll in any of the Champions' TumorGraft3D cohorts offered. Each cohort gives you access to a range of 3D tumor models with similar characteristics to gain comprehensive insights about your drug candidate effects on tumor cells and mechanism of action.

How can I choose models that are not included in cohorts?

We created a Multi-Indication TumorGraft3D Model Cohort, so you can assess your therapeutics in models that best fit your study needs.

Enroll in the TumorGraft3D 100 Model Screen