Translational Research

Preclinical Drug Research with PDX Models Across the Drug Development Cycle


Discovering and developing oncology therapeutics requires consideration of very specific clinical and molecular characteristics within targeted patient populations and even sub-populations. You can support your oncology drug development programs with translational drug research using PDX models. Champions Oncology’s PDX models are the most highly-characterized and clinically-relevant cohorts of PDX models to optimally predict success and accelerate your drug development process.1

Relevant Research from Discovery to Drugs that Make a Difference

Whether you are developing chemotherapies, targeted inhibitors or immuno-oncology agents, Champions TumorGraft® PDX models cost-effectively guide decision making across the entire drug development life cycle. The Champions TumorGraft® patient-derived xenograft (PDX) platform was developed so that you can leverage the most highly-characterized, clinically-relevant cohorts of PDX models to optimally predict success in compound development, accelerating the drug development process.

Champions Oncology is a leader in solid tumor PDX models, a pioneer in hematology-oncology models (including AML, ALL, MCL and DLBCL) and an innovator in Immuno-Oncology platforms

Our capabilities and experience with specialized humanized mouse models that support the engraftment of human cells and tissues can accelerate efficacy and safety testing of novel immunotherapies. 

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1Izumchenko E. et al, Ann of Oncol, 2017 -