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Systemic B-ALL In Vivo Screen

Open Enrollment Until July 16th, 2024

Evaluate your B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia novel therapeutics in Champions' Systemic B-ALL In Vivo Screen, including rare, fully characterized PDX models derived from primary patient samples.

PDX models with clinically relevant mutations and molecular characteristics for model selection.  
B-ALL PDX models are pre-treated with chemotherapy and other targeted cancer therapies.
Access Champions' 8-color high-complexity flow cytometry endpoint for peripheral blood and bone marrow analysis, to deeply interrogate your therapeutic's mechanism of action.


Identify the most effective therapeutic candidates to advance your pipeline by assessing efficacy on our industry-leading Systemic B-ALL In Vivo Screen. This screening platform showcases 8 meticulously characterized B-ALL PDX models derived from primary patient samples retaining crucial clinical characteristics of cancer.

Enroll by July 16th and evaluate your therapeutics using our extensive biobank of B-ALL PDX models. These models are systematically engrafted in severely immunodeficient mice to retain the unique patient attributes. Notably, this screen includes model CTG-2408, derived from a patient unresponsive to CD19-targeted CAR-T therapy, post-collection.

Champions' Systemic (B-ALL) In Vivo Screen includes:

  • Comprehensive model characterization (stored in Lumin) with:
            ☑️Robust clinical data annotations
            ☑️NGS (RNAseq and WES) analysis
            ☑️Proteomics and phospho-proteomics
  • Perform comprehensive terminal peripheral blood and bone marrow analysis utilizing Champions' high-complexity flow cytometry endpoint, including markers such as hCD10, hCD45, mCD45, hCD3, hCD19, hCD22, hCD20, and Viability Dye.
  • Opt for additional endpoint analysis: Plasma-based Luminex for quantifying immune modulation responses (available upon request).
  • 50% off of a Standard of Care agent arm (selected by Champions)
  • No minimum number of models to enroll, and you can select the models you want to screen.
Systemic B-ALL In Vivo Study Overview
Systemic B-ALL In Vivo Screen - Study Design copy

Figure 1: 
The workflow of our Systemic B-ALL In Vivo Screen 

Systemic B-ALL In Vivo Drug Response 
In Vivo B-ALL Drug Efficacy

Figure 2:
Terminal Flow Cytometry Analysis was conducted on two models, CTG-2408 and CTG-2447, post-application of CHOP, R-CHOP, and Venetoclax therapies.

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