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10 Model SynScreen

Enrolling until March 29th, 2024

Champions is offering our 10 Model SynScreen that can be used in assessing efficacy or to benchmark therapeutic agents alone or in combination with Standard of Care Immune therapy drugs in an intact murine immune system.

Syngeneic Models - Treated & Untreated Tumor Growth Curves
CT26 and MC38 cell line responses to anti-mPD1 and anti-mCTLA4 in vivo

CT26 responds to both anti-mCTLA4 and anti-mPD1 in vivo, while MC38 responds to anti-mPD1 but not anti-mCTLA4. Plots show mean±SEM.

Our SynScreen features:
  • Lower cost, large scale Syngeneic studies across 10 lines run simultaneously (2-3 Models initiated every 2 weeks)
  • Models include MC38, CT26, LLC, 4T1, EMT6, B16F10, RENCA, A20, KLN205, and MyC-CaP
  • 20 arms available per model (10 animals/arm)
  • FREE PBS Control arm (n=10/model).
  • 50% off of a checkpoint inhibitor arm (PD1, CTLA4, or OX40) 
  • Flow Cytometry and IHC endpoint analyses are available


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