Western Blot Services

Western Blotting or Immunoblotting is a widely used, essential and trusted technique for protein analysis of complex systems.

At Champions Oncology, we provide Western Blotting protein detection assays, developed on the Jess ProteinSimple Analyzer. This platform improves data quality and reproducibility eliminating tedious operator-dependent steps of traditional Western Blotting through the automation of protein separation and immunodetection. With picogram level sensitivity and using only a few microliters of sample, our Western Blotting assay works well even for low abundant targets and with scarce samples.


Champions Oncology's Western Blot Protein Detection Workflow

Western Blot Workflow Blue


We offer customized assays and a quick turnaround to meet your specific needs. Our expert team can help you integrate Western Blotting analysis in your preclinical studies for target validation, model characterization, detection of post-translational modification, and much more.


Phosphorylated ERK Protein Detection and Quantitation by Western Blot

pERK blot + quantitation sidebyside (blue)

Each sample-loaded capillary was probed with anti-pERK primary antibody followed by an HRP-conjugated secondary antibody. Chemiluminescent signal was detected with an embedded CCD camera. Each line represents a separate capillary; the left line shows the Molecular Weight standards for reference. The bar graph shows pERK protein expression values for each sample normalized to β-actin values (not shown).

The services we provide as part of our Western Blot Platform are:

  • Sample Extraction
  • BCA Total Protein Assay
  • Protein Detection and Quantitation by Capillary Electrophoresis-based Immunoassay
  • Antibody optimization
  • Normalization to Total Protein or Housekeeper Protein of choice
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