Preclinical Flow Cytometry


Flow Cytometry is a powerful analytical tool to evaluate immune responses in drug development and is increasingly being used as drugs targeting the immune system become more widespread. At Champions Oncology, we use flow cytometry in most of our oncology studies for the purposes of characterizing tumors, for verifying humanized immune systems in mice, and for measuring drug effect in these models.

We offer advanced preclinical flow cytometry services and can provide our standard developed panels as well as design and execute customized assays to meet your specific needs. At Champions Oncology we have multiple duplicate instruments in place that can analyze up to 24-colors on each cell simultaneously, which allows for endless drug discovery panel combinations.  We have expertise in several different samples types as well as experience working with different species such as mouse, rat, rabbit, non-human primates (NHPs) and human samples.  

Additionally we offer the following services:

  • Method transfer, development and validation
  • High quality sample preparation including whole blood, PBMCs, bone marrow, tumor and tissue dissociation
  • Full cell culture suite to complete assay stimulations, prepare PBMCs from whole blood and cryopreserve samples for long term-storage
  • Secure data transfer options
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Short lead times from contract to project initiation
Mouse DC flow Photo

Murine Immunophenotyping Panel evaluating dendritic cells from either stimulated or unstimulated splenocytes