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Histology & Immunohistochemistry

Tumor Microarray H&E staining slides.

Custom Developed Histology & IHC Services

Champions leads the industry in pathology expertise and innovative automated technology providing you with the highest quality results.  As an endpoint for both preclinical and clinical studies, Champions' dedicated laboratories are fully equipped to support the entire sample lifecycle, including collection, processing, storage, staining for histology analysis, imaging, and specialized scoring by a board-certified pathologist; allowing the ability to process and store samples for histology, and IHC, as well as create custom tumor microarrays (TMAs).  

  • Expertise in preclinical sample analysis, including complex sample analysis needed for PDX models
  • GCLP-compliant clinical sample preparation and analysis
  • Over 200 custom developed protocols and fully optimized antibodies for research

Confidently Select TumorGraft® Models through Specialized IHC

Champions provides standard and custom grossing, FFPE generation, H&E staining, marker optimization for IHC, scoring by board-certified pathologists, slide digitization and automation, and TMA creation and analysis (organized by indication and collated from over 800 well-characterized TumorGraft models) for target expression evaluation.  

View Preclinical Optimized IHC Antibodies

IHC results of PDX and TumorGraft3D models for research.
Clinical Specialty testing services of IHC for clinical trial using PD-L1 CLIA test.

Evaluate Target Expression in Clinical Patient Samples

Champions Histopathology Laboratory has been CAP-accredited and maintains GCLP compliance. These added levels of compliance lead to additional scientific rigor and give you high-quality results to drive clinical trial success. 

In addition, we have received CLIA certification, 21D2030870, which gives our laboratory the ability to perform PD-L1 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing on human tissues and cells from clinical trials.

Champions' Clinically Evaluated IHC Antibodies



Champions' histology and immunohistochemistry services are custom-developed and fully optimized to meet your needs in preclinical research. Champions leads the industry in pathology expertise and innovative automated technology that provides you with the highest quality endpoints complimentary to in vivo and ex vivo study results. 


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