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Flow Cytometry

flow cytometry scientist analyzing the results of a validated panel.

Industry Leader in Complex Flow Cytometry Solutions

Flow Cytometry is a powerful analytical tool to evaluate, assess, and quantify complex responses and critical phenotypical changes. With significant advances in the development of drugs modulating the immune system, Champions' preclinical and clinical flow cytometry services are implemented using fully optimized, validated, and GCLP-compliant panels, developed to be efficiently customizable to meet your needs:

  • Champions offers full custom development of multi-parameter panels, suitable for multi-site harmonization to support global clinical trials
  • Industry best timelines featuring expedited development and optimization to meet your milestones
  • Operational expertise with quality assurance and GCLP regulatory compliance for preclinical and clinical research
  • Ideally positioned to provide meaningful insights for your preclinical studies and support exploratory and secondary endpoints for global clinical trials

Advanced Preclinical Flow Cytometry with Custom Panel Development

Champions uses flow cytometry in most preclinical oncology studies for the purposes of characterizing tumors, and quantitatively measuring relevant phenotypical changes associated with drug responses in immune-competent models.

We offer advanced preclinical flow cytometry services and provide our standard developed panels or transfer and validate your assays through robust bridging studies, as well as design and execute customized assays to meet your specific needs.

Champions has expertise in several sample types as well as experience working with different species, such as mice, rats, rabbits, non-human primate (NHP) and human samples. 

preclinical flow cytometry results in muring splenocytes.
Champions clinical program provide quick turn arounds, expertise,  high dimensional analysis and reporting, and experience in regulatory.

High-Complexity Flow Cytometry for Clinical Specialty Testing

Champions' GCLP-compliant clinical flow cytometry services are implemented using fully optimized and validated human panels developed to be customizable to meet your clinical trial needs. 

We understand that every flow cytometry assay is unique, and therefore, we offer custom assay development and fit-for-purpose validation to suit our clients' needs.  Champions is a leader in high dimensional flow cytometry and knows how important receiving high-quality, reproducible data is to you – we do our best to do it right, with scientific integrity.

Champions leads the industry in clinical flow cytometry expertise and innovative technology and will provide you with the highest quality, complex computational results with the ability to interrogate up to 30 parameters on each individual cell simultaneously within every patient sample.  

View Champions' Clinical Flow Cytometry Panels

The use of clinical flow cytometry has transformed diagnostics for cancer, autoimmune diseases, and immunodeficiencies. Current clinical flow cytometry protocols also have diagnostic applications for bone marrow and organ transplantation, stem cell therapy, and infectious diseases. Here we outline the benefits of using flow cytometry-based protocols in the clinic, and we also address challenges and opportunities unique to this technology.


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