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4D Proteomics

The process of Label-free Data Independent Aquisition (DIA) 4D Quantitative Proteomics Research.

Drug & Biomarker Discovery Beyond Gene Expression

Champions Oncology partners with Innomics to complete label-free Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA) 4D quantitative proteomics research and to deliver the highest quality proteomic and phospho-proteomic study results to our clients.

  • Gain comprehensive insights about the expression of targetable genes at a protein level
  • Leverage Champions' proprietary proteomics dataset to guide model selection and study design
  • Accelerate drug development by identifying new therapeutic targets and studying mechanisms of action
  • Integrated and process-oriented workflow ensures successful execution from study start to data delivery

Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization


4D proteomics uses mass-to-charge ratio, retention time, ionic strength, and ion mobility to identify and quantify proteins. This allows deeper, faster, more sensitive, and more reliable proteomics.

Champions' revolutionary data analysis and visualization software, Lumin, allows you to leverage data assembled from Champions' proprietary PDX bank and over 12,000 cancer patients including thousands of clinical treatment responses not available in any public dataset, and gain novel insights from your quantitative proteomics research.

Champions’ Lumin platform uses advanced proprietary analytics and superior visualizations to interrogate your proteomics and phospho-proteomics datasets to put your drug discovery on a fast-track.

A network pathway visualization highlighting quantitative proteomics expression.


A unique partnership was created between Champions Oncology and Innomics that combines technical expertise in molecular genomics and proteomics with the revolutionary data analysis and visualization software, Lumin, giving you novel insights from your quantitative proteomics research.
Download this research platform sheet to learn more.

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