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A Novel 3D Co-Culture Platform for Patient-Specific Immune-Oncology Treatment

A Champions AACR 2024 Poster


 The past decade has seen an uptick in the number of test agents targeting the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) after the success of checkpoint inhibitor therapy. However, it also revealed the unique patient-specific nature of responses and reaffirmed the need to include patient stratification strategies as early as preclinical testing. Current in vitro immune models are often derived from immortalized cell lines with PBMCs that are artificially contrived and often do not translate to clinical therapy outcomes.

Champions Oncology is addressing this gap by combining the appropriate cellular materials along with the right intracellular architecture to produce deeply translational models that are predictive and provide meaningful insights into efficacy and mechanism. We leverage our internal large proprietary biobank of patient-derived xenografts as well as patient biopsies to establish Champions’ TumorGraft3Ds for the tumor component of the co-culture assay. For the immune component, we offer a versatile platform where NK cells, PMBCs, allogeneic, and autologous TILs could be chosen from. 

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