Therapeutic Discovery

Identifying novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers of sensitivity/resistance


The power of Champions' Therapeutic Discovery program combines the depth of our oncology expertise and our approach using innovative analytic platforms to accelerate your oncology drug discovery process.  

Our Therapeutic Discovery program gives you the ability to:

  • Leverage proprietary cancer datasets and AI within the Lumin Analytic Engine.
  • Use Champions’ rich suite of proprietary pharmacology platforms to prioritize tumor cohorts of interest.
  • Use a rapid genomic modification workflow enabling effective target validation.
  • Use a robust clinical network that supports ongoing tumor model and molecular data development.


Our Therapeutic Areas of Focus

Champions has active programs at various stages of discovery and development for Oncology therapeutic intervention.

Therapeutic Redo_24July2021


Champions is evaluating potential co-development, licensing, and other strategic options for our in-house programs.  

Interested in Partnering with Champions?

Reach out to us and learn more about Champions' Therapeutic Discovery program and how you can partner with Champions to accelerate the identification of novel therapeutic targets.