Lumin Bioinformatics Software

Code Ocean Integration available now!

Since its launch, Champions has been expanding the data and functionality housed within Lumin, which now features 20,000+ datasets including unique quantitative cell surface and phospho-proteomics, genomics and transcriptomics.  

Molecular and phenotypic data collected by researchers is largely decentralized and unstructured within organizations.  By integrating Code Ocean functionality into the Lumin architecture, Champions has created a solution to rapidly package, secure, and share code and data, creating a strong collaboration workflow between computational scientists and bioinformaticians.  

Lumin Bioinformatics with Code Ocean Integration includes:

    • A robust methodology and packaging for centralizing, storing, and organizing large amounts of your own code and datasets within Lumin using Code Ocean's unique Compute Capsules™.
    • A single-tenant hosting, allowing for a secure deployment environment for rapid code and data sharing between researchers and bioinformaticians.
    • The ability to organize and share code and datasets directly or utilize Champions' computational services to assist with the integration.
    • A fully customizable Code Ocean Computational Workbench for standardizing tools, packages, and environments across your organization.


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