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Cell Line Panel VitroScreen

Continuously Enrolling In Vitro Screening Platform

These 100 well-characterized human cancer cell lines from various disease types can be used in assessing therapeutic efficacy and potency when using Champions' high-throughput in vitro screening platform. 

This large panel of human cell lines includes both adherent and non-adherent cell lines of various cancer types that have been characterized with NGS data and response to Standard of Care drugs (data available in Lumin

Representative Standard of Care dose responses in both HCT116 (a human CRC cell line) and A549 (a human lung cancer cell line) are shown below:

100 Cell Line Panel VitroScreen - Cancer Types
100 Cell Lines available in the Cell Panel VitroScreen
Standard of Care Responses
Standard of Care responses in HCT116 and A549 cell lines.

Highlights of the Cell Panel VitroScreen:

  • Cost-effective, rapid, and large-scale human cell line screening
  • 100 human cancer cell lines are pre-selected from Champions bank.
  • VitroScreen platform readout: Cell Viability by CellTiter-Glo®.
  • Additional Optional Analyses: Secreted Cytokine assessment by Luminex.
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