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EORTC 2018

Establishment of ImmunoGraft® with human immune system(HIS) and PDX co-engraftment using NOG-EXL mice to evaluate checkpoint inhibitors



Bhavna Verma, PhD1, Maria Mancini, PhD1, Angela Davies, PhD1, David Sidransky, PhD2, Amy Wesa, PhD1 and Neal Goodwin, PhD1
1Champions Oncology, USA. 2 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA.



The clinical success of immune checkpoint modulators and development of next-generation immune-oncology (IO) agents underscores the need for robust patient-derived models to evaluate novel therapeutics. The Champions ImmunoGraft® model utilizing humanized NOG mice is an innovative pre-clinical model for assess the efficacy of IO agents against solid tumors. Improved immunodeficient mouse strains, such as triple transgenic NOG-EXL mice expressing huIL-3 and huGM-CSF, allows for superior HIS development. In this study we compared human immune lineage development, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, as well as an assessment of tumor response to checkpoint inhibitors in this humanized mouse platform.