2D/3D PDX & Cell Line Assays

Champions Oncology offers platforms for drug testing in ex vivo 2D and 3D cultures derived from our solid and liquid tumor patient-derived xenograft models (PDX), syngeneic, and human cell lines with or without relevant immune cell components. Utilizing high content imaging and fluorescent-based read outs in 96 and 384-well formats, these platforms enable the rapid development of high throughput tumor cell cultures for both traditional and immuno-oncology applications than can enhance early discovery research and de-risk in vivo studies.

The ex vivo platform is offered in several packages:

  1. Lead Selection/Optimization: Testing of multiple compounds in discovery phase across a small cohort of cell cultures derived from PDX models in order to assess drug activity and development potential
  2. Target Validation/Early Discovery: Testing of multiple models with defined target expression/genomic profile in a high throughput setting in order to better identify and validate drug targets
  3. Ex Vivo/In Vivo Package: De-risking of in vivo studies by testing of multiple models in ex vivo setting with commitment to run a number of models in vivo as a result of drug activity
  4. Indication Screen: Selection of a large number of models from one or more indications to assess drug activity in defined patient cohorts.

Champions Oncology’s Ex Vivo High Content Imaging platform in partnership with PhenoVista Biosciences. NSCLC PDX Model cultured from cryopreserved tumor fragments with SOC therapies in a dose response for 5 days.  Tissues were stained with a DNA marker and a cell viability dyes and analyzed by Confocal Microscopy. Cell Tracker Imaging mimics the Cell Titer Glo results demonstrated in vitro.