Solid Tumor Fragment Platforms

Champions Oncology offers platforms for drug testing in ex vivo 2D and 3D cultures derived from our solid and liquid tumor patient-derived xenograft models (PDX), syngeneic, and human cell lines with or without relevant immune cell components. Utilizing high content imaging and fluorescent-based read outs in 96 and 384-well formats, these platforms enable the rapid development of high throughput tumor cell cultures for both traditional and immuno-oncology applications than can enhance early discovery research and de-risk in vivo studies.

The ex vivo platform is offered in several packages:

  1. Lead Selection/Optimization: Testing of multiple compounds in discovery phase across a small cohort of cell cultures derived from PDX models in order to assess drug activity and development potential
  2. Target Validation/Early Discovery: Testing of multiple models with defined target expression/genomic profile in a high throughput setting in order to better identify and validate drug targets
  3. Ex Vivo/In Vivo Package: De-risking of in vivo studies by testing of multiple models in ex vivo setting with commitment to run a number of models in vivo as a result of drug activity
  4. Indication Screen: Selection of a large number of models from one or more indications to assess drug activity in defined patient cohorts.