Our Approach

Rapid Identification & Validation of Novel Targets

At Champions Oncology, we incorporate scientific expertise into every facet of the organization.  Whether it's discovering a new target, actively researching novel therapeutics using clinically relevant tumor models, or partnering with clients at oncology biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Champions' approach will transform drug discovery.  

By generating pharmacologic, multi-omic, phenotypic data in clinically relevant tumor models on a large scale, thousands of therapeutic hits within a specific oncogenic context can be revealed and validated using a range of ex vivo or in vivo platforms.


A Workflow That Accelerates & Improves the Precision of Drug Discovery

Our Approach Workflow


Our Unique Datacenter - The Lumin Analytic Engine

The Lumin Analytic Engine propels Champions' computational advantage.  Existing public datasets lack depth for advanced correlative analyses involving specific pathway activities, drug-specific responses, and functional readouts. However, Champions' proprietary dataset has substantial depth in molecular, functional, and pharmacological characteristics enabling multivariate mechanistic analyses.  

Approach Image 2 v1


Our Computational Approach - A Modified BioBombe

Champions' highly skilled bioinformaticians developed a modified BioBombe computational approach on six Datacenter Vectors using four different algorithms.  Using aspects of multiple assessments across multiple low-dimensionalities has been shown to enhance biological modeling.  

Approach Image


Using our scientific approach to discovery and development, Champions Oncology harnesses the power of pharmaco-omic analysis to innovate for today's solutions and tomorrow's challenges.