The Lumin Analytic Engine

A proprietary computational engine driving Lumin Bioinformatics & Champions' Therapeutic Discovery


Champions' Lumin Analytic Engine overcomes the current gaps in publicly available datasets, while also providing a greater depth in characterization.    

Tens of thousands of datasets are available in the Lumin Analytic Engine, incorporating:

  • Clinical Responses
  • In vivo Responses
  • Survival 
  • Patient Metadata Profiles
  • Tumor Phenotypes
  • Molecular Profiles - Phospho-proteomics, Quantitative proteomics, WES, RNAseq, Copy Number Variations (CNVs)


Advanced analytics and visualizations applied to this dataset propel a deep understanding of Tumor Cell Biology deriving novel insights into novel tumor drivers, survival liabilities, and resistance mechanisms.

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Identify Novel Targets & Biomarkers

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Using data from relevant patient our engine combines multimodal analyses to derive insights:

  • Geneset Enrichment

  • Pathway Activity

  • Molecular Cohort Analyses

  • Multivariate Correlations

  • Functional Genomics

  • Local Discovery Structure Learning Algorithms

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