Clinical Histology & Immunohistochemistry

Champions Oncology has expertise in GCLP-compliant sample preparation for Histology services and Immunohistochemistry (IHC).  We have dedicated clinical laboratory space for our skilled team to process and store samples for histology and IHC for your clinical trial.   

The services we provide as part of our Clinical Histology & IHC Platform are listed below:

  • Standard & custom FFPE generation
  • H&E Staining
  • Marker development and optimization for IHC
  • Marker validation for IHC to support GCLP studies
  • Board-certified Pathologist scoring 
  • Slide Digitization
  • Standard & custom grossing
  • Bone decalcification

Champions Oncology’s histology and immunohistochemistry services are custom developed,  fully optimized and can be fully validated to meet your needs in clinical research.  Champions Oncology leads the industry in pathology expertise and innovative automated technology that provides you with the highest quality endpoints complementary to your clinical trial results. 

Human Clinical IHC_small intestine
Human Clinical IHC2