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Cell Line Assays

A scientist completing a therapeutic screening in 6 well plates.

A Target-Driven Platform for Therapeutic Screening

Champions maintains a large collection of human cancer cell lines for in vitro assessment of therapeutic efficacy and potency.  

  • Over 100 highly characterized human cancer cell lines to enable target validation
  • Adherent and non-adherent cell lines in various cancer types
  • NGS, proteomics, and phospho-proteomics data are available in Lumin

Identify Therapeutic Responsive Cell Lines for Research

Champions' human cancer cell lines allow for the evaluation of your single agent or combination therapeutics to pinpoint responders and non-responders to enable indication selection and target validation. 

Standard of care, as well as various therapeutic modalities, have been assessed in vitro and data is available in Lumin. With a deep molecular characterization, which includes proteomics and phospho-proteomics data, Champions' cell line assays are the ideal platform to derive meaningful insights and plan the next phases of your preclinical program.  

View Champions' Cell Lines

Results of Standard of Care drugs tested in a Ewing Sarcoma Cell Line.

Cell Line Assay Endpoints


Western Blot


The Cell Line Panel VitroScreen is Champions' continuously enrolling in vitro screening platform featuring over 100 well-characterized human cancer cell lines.  Assess therapeutic efficacy and potency in this high-throughput screening platform.


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