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Bioinformatics Boot Camp


Interested in learning more about Bioinformatics?

Champions' Bioinformatics Boot Camp explores how to use your custom code to interrogate and visualize Champions' proprietary datasets in a secure cloud-based environment. This event is open to current users of Lumin Bioinformatics or Lumin Workspaces as well as individuals who are interested in learning more about these platforms.  


Dates: February 7 - 11, 2022 - FULL (Additional dates will be released for future Boot Camps!)

Time:  11:00am - 1:00pm EST each day

Location:  Available by Live Demonstration Webinar


Champions' Bioinformatics Boot Camp Learning Objectives:

Day 1 - Turn your Bioinformatics Data into Actionable Visualizations

    • General Overview of Champions' Lumin Bioinformatics Platforms
    • Processing Data, Normalization, Quality Control Procedures
    • Analysis of Proteomics Data
    • Data Upload & Visualization
    • Lumin Workspaces Tutorial including Jupyter Notebooks

Day 2 - Building Gene Signatures and Integration of Metadata

    • Reviewing Data Correlations
    • Reviewing Methods for Gene Signature Calculations
    • Visualization Options in Lumin Bioinformatics

Day 3 - Clustering Analysis & Live Workshop

    • Complete Clustering Analysis using t-SNE, UMAP, and Cell Aligner Tools

Day 4 - Using Single-omic Tools

    • Dimensionality Reduction Analysis
    • Clustering Analysis

Day 5 - Using Multi-omic Tools

    • Single-Sample Geneset Enrichment Analysis (ssGSEA)
    • Kinase Activity
    • Multi-omic Correlations

For additional information about the course, please email Champions@ChampionsOncology.com.


Bioinformatics Boot Camp Presenters

Michael Ritchie, PhD, MBA
Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Mike Ritchie joined Champions Oncology in July of 2014 and oversees all aspects of commercial development, sales and marketing. Prior to joining Champions, he worked in the oncology research unit at Pfizer, managing therapeutic development programs in the antibody drug conjugate space and developing novel therapeutic antibody programs. Dr. Ritchie received an MBA from New York University, a doctorate in biochemistry from Temple University School of Medicine and served a postdoctoral fellowship in Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School.


Art Hanson, MSCS
Head of Engineering

Art Hanson joined Champions Oncology full-time as Head of Engineering in May 2020 after serving as a consultant from 2010-2020, developing the company’s PDX and NGS databases and software tools. As Head of Engineering, Mr. Hanson is responsible for overall information technology, security, and software development strategy for Champions. Mr. Hanson also directs the development efforts for Lumin Bioinformatics. Mr. Hanson earned his master’s degree in computer science at The Georgia Institute of Technology.

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